Painless Delivery

Tokyo Mother's Clinic provide not only a painless delivery using epidural anesthesia, but we provide you a “better painless delivery” by considering what would be better for the birthing mother.

Features of Painless Delivery at Tokyo Mother's Clinic

We provide safe and high quality painless delivery by well-experienced doctors on anesthesia. A delivery without pain will make the memorable moment all the more a happier one for the family.


  • We will provide sufficient explanation during your pregnancy period on the anesthesia used in our painless delivery´╝îso that you would feel safe without any worries on the day of the delivery.
  • The anesthesia will be given at an early stage of delivery, so you will be able to save your strength and stay comfortable.
  • Painless delivery gives your baby smaller stress.
  • We can make a quick switch to anesthesia for operation in case a C-section is required.


Fee for Hospital Stay and Delivery

* Details of fee for hospital stay and delivery, click here.

* Please contact us for more details.

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