Fee for Hospital Stay and Delivery

The fee on painless delivery from the start of hospital stay, delivery, and leaving hospital is summarized as below.

Delivery Fee

Delivery 600,000 yen
Anesthesia Procedure and Management 200,000 yen

Room Charge

All rooms are private for securing privacy.

Regular Rooms Special Rooms
22.7m² 31.3m²
29,500 yen/day 62,000 yen/day
  • A shower and a toilet are equipped in all regular and special rooms.
  • All rooms are equipped with the following: hair dryer, shower amenities, toothbrush, slippers, tea set, drinking glass, mineral water, electric kettle, herb tea, hoji-cha tea.
  • For details of the hospital stay, click here.

Hospital Stay

* Basic hospital stay is 6 days.

* Newborn Nursing and Management Charge is charged additionally at 12,000 yen/day.

* Newborn Health Checkup Charge is charged additionally at 20,000 yen/checkup.

* Puerperant Management Charge is charged additionally at 12,000 yen /day.

Deposit and Advance Payment

Please pay your reservation deposit by 12 weeks of pregnancy.
The advance payment is to be made during 30 to 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Reservation Deposit 100,000 yen
Advance Payment for Delivery 400,000 yen

Extra Charges

  • A flat fee of 16,000 yen for joining The Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy
  • After-hour charge: 30,000 yen (17:30-22:00 / 6:00-8:00)
  • Late-night charge: 60,000 yen (22:00-6:00)

Payment Upon Leaving Hospital

  • The hospital will receive 420,000 yen from the Health Insurance Societies based on the direct-payment system of the lump-sum birth allowance.
  • The payment upon leaving hospital will be the balance of total Delivery Fee + Room Charge + Special Charges, deducting from there 920,000 yen which is the total of lump-sum birth allowance + Reservation Deposit + Hospitalization Deposit.
  • Credit cards are acceptable.

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