You can adjust and select your delivery date for painless delivery at Tokyo Mother’s Clinic.

We’ll discuss with you on the delivery date as close as possible to the natural birth date by paying attention to the baby’s health condition and the readiness for delivery.

The moment of birth is once in a lifetime. May that moment be a delightful and memorable one for the baby, the parents, and the family.

Fee for Hospital Stay and Delivery

The fee on painless delivery from the start of hospital stay, delivery, and leaving hospital is summarized as below.

Painless Delivery

Painless delivery using epidural is described here.

Hospital Stay

When to come, what to bring, how things will proceed during the stay is discussed here.

Lactation Services for Outpatients

We provide lactation counseling for mothers and babies after their return home from our clinic.

If You Live Outside Japan

We accept delivery of overseas residents.

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