Fetal Examination

We provide fetal diagnosis (prenatal examination) and counseling on chorionic villus sampling, amniocentisis (amniotic fluid test), and ultrasound screening.

Please be assured that a certified perinatal specialist will conduct diagnosis for the mother, and the baby inside.

Type of Fetal Examination

Risk Assessment

A test to assess the probability of the baby having disorders.

NT (Nuchal translucency) (Week 11-13 of pregnancy *Week 12 is optimum)
Ultrasound exam is performed.
Quadruple Screen (Typically week 15-18 of pregnancy)
Measurement of levels of substances in mother's blood.

Definitive Diagnosis

Confirmation of diagnosis by performing tests to find out if a certain disease is present.

Chromosome Analysis

  • Amniocentesis (Week 16-18 of pregnancy)
  • Chorionic villus sampling (Week 11-14 of pregnancy)

Ultrasound Exam on Fetus

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