Prenatal Checkup

Periodical checkup during the 10 months is important for the well-being of both the mother and the baby.


We check on proteinuria and urinal sugar for an early detection of kidney malfunction and diabetes.

Blood Pressure Check
We check blood pressure for an early detection on hypertension due to pregnancy.

Ultrasonic Examination
We check on fetus development and detect major malformation and placental malposition.

Nonstress Test
We check on the fetal health condition by measuring the fetal heart rate and the Freidman's curve.

Maternal Medical Check
We perform screening on any medial problem the mother may have.

* Please contact us anytime and not wait until your checkup appointment date if you find any symptoms different than usual such as sudden ache in your stomach, any bleeding or water break, or feeling of illness.

* You can take home the checkup data in a USB memory. Feel free to consult with us.

Appointment and Fees

Appointment is required. Please contact us at below.
Doctor's fee varies by details of the visit. Please contact us at below for details.

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