For all international patients

We have been changing our regulations of our clinic due to novel corona virus infection.

There are some note what we have changed since the 1st of April.

About the doctor's checkup, only patients can enter the building, any attendance need to wait outside.

About the delivery and hospital stay; no atendance and visitting. (From 17th Apr.)

During hospital stay, we would like to ask everyone, including family members, not to visit any inpatients.

About discharge, if you would not have any health problem after the delivery, your discharge date would be 2 days after the delivery.( It is not for C-section delivery)

We would not be able to accept any patients who has any family members visited overseas past 2 weeks and also have the following two conditions.
1. The body temperature over 37.0 ℃
2. Symptom of cough, runny nose, sneeze and sore throat

It might be changed those regulations depends on the situation and the governmental order.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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