<Update> About attending the birth(August, 19th)

For all international patient and family,

We appreciate all your support and understanding since state of emergency was announced on April.

Regarding delivery attendance at our clinc, the regulation would be changed from August 19th.

Husband or partner could stay with mother and baby for about 30 minutes after the birth, if 
their conditions are fine. (It depends on the situation.)

For husband or partner,

If you would plan to attend the birth, you have to meet the conditions below;

1, No symptoms of Covid-19

2, No symptoms of Covid-19 past 2weeks

3, Body temperature below 37 ℃ 

4, No visiting overseas in past 2 weeks or no family members visiting from overseas in past 2weeks.

We will ask you that you would meet these conditions before entering the building.

We might ask you that you could not enter the delivery room depends on the situation.

We would continue the rest of the regulations against Covid-19 in our clinic for avoiding infection and keeping safe delivery. ( No visiting inpatient and Discharge-2 days after the delivery.)

We might change the regulation without notice due to depending on the situation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Satoshi Hayashi, M.D.,Ph.D.
Tokyo Mother's Clinic

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