Privacy Policy

Below follows an explanation of the privacy policy of Tokyo Mother's Clinic (henceforth referred to as "the Clinic").

Definition of personal information

Personal information is defined as (one or more of) the name, workplace, email address, physical address and/or telephone number that can be connected specifically to any user of this site.

Use of Personal Information

This site and/or the Clinic, will never collect the personal information of users without prior explicit consent. Users are not obliged to share their personal information in any case.
This site and/or the Clinic, will never use the personal information of users for any other purposes than those stated in advance. If there is ever a need for us to use the personal information of users for any specific objective, we will explicitly ask for permission or make the objective official in advance.

Disclosure to third parties

Personal information retrieved from users will never be disclosed to a third party, except in the specific circumstances stated below.

  1. We have received the explicit prior consent of the user to share their information.
  2. The information released cannot be connected to any specific user.
  3. Personal information of reasonable degree is released exclusively to a partner (e.g. outsourcing partner) included in a confidentiality agreement.
  4. When, judging by the nature of an inquiry, it is deemed appropriate for related organs to reply directly.
  5. When there is an official request from a public institution, e.g. court or police, to use the information for a legal investigation.

Management of personal information

All personal information obtained from users is maintained appropriately and securely. To prevent loss, misuse or transformation of personal information, we maintain a secure environment into which unauthorized individuals cannot enter, by the use of password control and access control.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

To prevent the leaking of personal information to third parties, we only disclose personal information of an appropriate degree to users after they have proven their identity as the user in question. In the event that there are mistakes or have been changes to a user's registered information, in order to prevent unlawful alteration of the information by a third party, we only update old information or delete incorrect information according to the user's own request after having confirmed their identity.

Compliance with the Code and applicable laws and regulations

This site and the Clinic protect all personal information obtained from users with appropriate caution and care according to applicable legislation and standards. In order to better protect the personal information of users, and comply with changes to related legislation and standards, the privacy policy may be updated at any time by this site and/or the Clinic.

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