Hospital Stay

Delivery Appointment

At Tokyo Mother’s Clinic, a painless delivery on an appointed date is the basic style. If you wish to deliver at our clinic, please make an early appointment for your delivery.

Painless Delivery
Contact Us(Reservation registration of a delivery)

Schedule During Your Stay

One Day Prior to the
Delivery Date
Your stay begins one day prior to your appointed date of delivery.
Day of Birth
  • Rooming-in begins after the delivery so that the mother will be together with the baby.
  • You will walk to the toilet after delivery according to your condition.
  • Breastfeeding lesson begins right after delivery and as needed. Please consult our midwives whenever you are in need of a help.
Day 1 Lactation instruction
You can take showers from Day 1.
* Let us know if you have strong afterpain or a hurting scar. We will prescribe pain relief.
Day 2 Discharge instruction, bathing instruction, lactation instruction, postpartum consultation
Day 3 Leave hospital


What to Bring for Your Stay

Please bring the following with you for your stay:

  • Maternal and Child Health Handbook (“Boshi-techo”), Clinic’s registration card, Receipt for delivery appointment fee
  • Nightwear (about 2 sets, for before and after birth), Bras (about 2 pcs, front-open type)
  • Toiletries, Glasses if you wear contact lenses

    * You will need to take off your contact lenses from the morning of the delivery until the end of delivery, for emergencies.

  • One set of baby’s clothing upon leaving hospital

    * Laundry and dry cleaning service for personal items is not available at the clinic.

[For Your Reference] What We Have Ready at the Clinic
In Your Room
Donut cushion, breastfeeding pillow, paper diapers, towels, face towels, bath towels, bath mat, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer, toothbrush electric kettle (small), tea set, safety box
A Set of Delivery Essentials
For the Mother: delivery wear, 2 sets of post-delivery undershorts, post-delivery pads, sterilized cotton, nursing pad
For the baby: wipes, 5 pcs of cotton gauze burping cloth, “heso-bako” (a small wooden box for Japanese tradition of keeping a piece of small dried umbilical cord as keepsakes)

Fee for Hospital Stay and Delivery

* Fees for your stay will be calculated based on number of days abiding to the rules set by the health insurance.

* The balance of fee generates according to the room space and equipment in the room.

* Details of fee for hospital stay and delivery, click here.

* Please contact us for more details.

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Fee for Hospital Stay and Delivery

The fee on painless delivery from the start of hospital stay, delivery, and leaving hospital is summarized as below.

Painless Delivery

Painless delivery using epidural is described here.

Hospital Stay

When to come, what to bring, how things will proceed during the stay is discussed here.

Lactation Services for Outpatients

We provide lactation counseling for mothers and babies after their return home from our clinic.

If You Live Outside Japan

We accept delivery of overseas residents.

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